New Leader in hand of Pooling Agent

New Leader in the hand of Pooling Agent

Almost Two days gone after the election and Americans are waiting for results. It’s not Americans but almost all world eyes on the election but results are delayed due to a couple of reasons.

What is your opinion about the situation?

When I see the media of different countries and social media, found very interesting facts. All culture present the US Election with the reference of own terms. In India and Pakistan memos on the top and complaint of systems is share.

What is the reality of delayed results?

There is a couple of reason that lead to delay. The first one is COVID-19 and the second is more conscious of administration.

COVID-19 pandemic affects all aspects of life and during the second wave, the People of America are more anxious about health and consider vote casting through the post box. This is the key reason that leads to delay at least we expect more than 3 days.

When an important event occurs in an emergency situation of health and importance of views of the nation, Administration with limited human resource try to more anxious and take steps carefully.

Current Situation

Analysis and News

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