What is Love

What is Love

My definition of true love is simply sincere, unchanging loyalty, and long-lasting devotion. It is the type of love we give to people like our parents, family, friends, nation, religion, etc. But when it comes to love most people tend to think of love between a young man and woman. No doubt everyone wants to be loved by someone. For more information and articles visit our website Ilmu علموبابا.

What is Love - By: Muddabir Ali Bhutto
What is Love – By: Muddabir Ali Bhutto

If you ask people about the definition of love everyone will tell you a different definition according to his or her experience because there is no particular shape or definition of love and thus people often misunderstand love, so simply my topic is what love is? And common misunderstandings about love.


Before we fall in love we often set conditions such as; appearance, intelligence, personality, finances, health, education, and background. Most women will look for these conditions in a man even they might have a different order or priorities and in the same way, men also set conditions. So if you love someone just because you think he or she is really gorgeous or paragon of beauty or angel came from paradise then wake up dear it does not love it is called infatuation. Because if you fall in love because someone is beautiful what will happen when that beauty will be fade? What will happen when their beauty will be lost? When you truly love someone you do not look for reasons you see beyond reasons. Being in love is based on dependability, compassion, and respect if you can not feel these important qualities then it is just infatuation, not love.

It is seen that teenagers cannot stop themselves from falling in love, they can not stop themselves from thinking about the person to whom they are attracted. Falling in love is easy because it starts when you are attracted to someone but living it up is difficult. Some people say that it is hard to find true love and even harder to hold on to it, after a period of time love seems to diminish or not be sustained like it was at first love seems to lose its worth. Maybe, at first sight, you were in true love with your partner but after a period of time, you have realized that your partner is not of your taste or your priorities are different from your partner and it was just a mistake, attraction, or something else that you both met each other and came closer and now you are not leaving her or him just thinking that it would hurt his or her feelings, then surely it’s not love, its charity.  Maybe your partner still loves you… but what about you? One-sided love is not love my dear it is charity and love is not such thing that should be given in charity.

Especially in our society it is our custom or it is a trend that your parents will choose your partner and often it creates hindrances and big problems in the relation between husband and wife and it’s seen that marriages which came under this situation or marriages of this type often fail because their nature, their priorities or their tastes does not meet but again the problem is that we can’t leave someone just because of society, thinking that what people will say? our name, our fame, our reputation will be lost because it is considered bad in our society and it is more difficult for women to leave their partner. If someone takes this decision whole society will be against him or her. And he or she will be taught the lesson of compromise, everyone will say you compromise, compromise and compromise, even your parents, brothers, sisters, friends will say you compromise but wake up dear do not be a fool. You have to live with your partner, not people! Then why should you live with someone who is not of your taste it will create problems in your life, do not choke your feelings and do not let your parents make a decision without your will. Else later you will suffer… and suffer a lot. Because living with someone or loving someone because of others is not love.  I will call it to compromise.

It is well known that sharing is quality of friends and if I say I am in love with him or her because we share everything with each other then surely, certainly, definitely, without any doubt, indeed it is not loving, it is friendship because just sharing does not fulfill requirements of love, friendship has its own charm, friendship has its own priorities friendship has its own taste in friendship, you share your secrets, your worries, your grieves, your problems, your happy and sad moments but in certain boundaries in certain situations because of certain reasons. And love, love has its own charm, love has its own priorities, love has its own taste. You may set boundaries before making somebody your friend, you may set reasons, but love… love is unconditional and selfless and love knows no boundaries. If you love someone because you share everything with him or her what will happen when you stop sharing? Will you end your relationship? So that’s why I am saying that it is friendship, not love.

If these all things do not love then what love is? Love!  Love is not limited to just a feeling, but it is a way to treat others with care, respect, and affection love is when… when you cry for someone when you pine for someone your feelings compel you even he or she is stable because love is when… when you feel the pain of others more than them.

Love is when… when you stay with someone when you live with someone.. when you carry on with someone being attracted to others without any regrets without any problem, that is love. Love is when… when you let someone go, knowing that he or she has to go, and he or she does not want, that is love. Here I would like to share Khalil Gibran’s quote. What beautiful words he has said;

“If you love someone let them go, if they return, they were always yours. And if they do not, they were never yours.”

Love is followed by tenderness, passion, and devotion. Love isn’t named of dating and chatting, love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the trust, It always protects, always trusts always preserves. This is the kind of love all people should have in their hearts.

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